Head of School

There is nothing as rewarding as watching a child have that moment where a concept falls into place. Creating an environment designed to support the success of each student, not just academically but as a whole person, is my primary objective. Understanding the value of connection is critical to the success of each child, the connection to family and to community, the connection to the teacher and the connection to the school environment. These connections support high expectations, foster self esteem and create a culture that values a safe and welcoming environment where all students are comfortable taking risks.

The importance of connections is evident in the traditions of The Cathedral School’s mission and the work that is carried out every day by teachers and parents. The Cathedral School has a long tradition of educating students in the classics. Through the classics, Cathedral children learn what it means to be a citizen, that an “educated person is one who is thoughtful, kind and considerate; one who has a proper regard for the rights, the liberties and the privileges of his fellow men. He does not think of himself as the center around which mankind or his neighborhood revolves” (the educational ideal of the Three Hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church in the fourth century AD). Discovering how to marry self awareness with a larger global perspective and to have the relationships that connect us and inform our development lies at the heart of a meaningful education.

It is important to maintain the traditions of the school while embracing new challenges and continuing to foster the connections each student needs be successful. I am always thrilled at the start of the new school year and the exciting journey that lies ahead with exceptional educators, dedicated parents and most of all, enthusiastic children.

Kristine Cecere
Head of The Cathedral School