The Cathedral School Presents at the 2018 Curiosity and Learning Conference at Boston University

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, The Cathedral School presented a hands-on workshop station at the 2018 Curiosity and Learning Conference at Boston University. The sold-out conference promoted a pedagogy of play where school culture is cultivated to support and value learning through play. Conference participants, attending from as far away as Singapore, created and explored at hands-on stations using everyday materials.
The Cathedral School’s team, represented by Ms. Grazia Curatolo, Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Spyridoula Liakonis, Modern and Ancient Greek Teacher, and Mr. George Papayannis, Head of School, hosted a station titled Puppets! Making and using puppets to build confidence and foster creativity from preschool through middle school.
Over 70 participants visited the station where they learned about how TCS students in the seventh grade and kindergarten collaborated to make puppets inspired by books they read, many of them in Greek. The children then used the puppets to tell stories to their classmates.
A puppet is a useful tool for building confidence and fostering creativity because it removes the child from the focus of attention and allows them to take more creative risks through the puppet.
Many visitors commented that they had not considered pairing preschool or kindergarten children with middle school children to collaborate on projects. They also asked many questions about how our school's Greek bilingual program works.
Presenting at the conference was a powerful professional development experience for our team. Not only were our teachers able to grow through sharing their practices with others and getting feedback, but they were also able to visit other stations where they learned from other practitioners and built new connections.
About The Cathedral School
The Cathedral School is an independent preschool through middle school in New York City. We adhere to the ancient Greek tradition of paideia, which views education as character formation, responsibility, and the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. We provide a nurturing setting alongside a rigorous academic program.