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Class Parent Volunteer Form

Class Parents are individuals who graciously volunteer to be an extension of the PA to their class(es) and are vital in the communication of information. The help and support Class Parents provide allows parents, teachers and the PA to maintain a two-way conversation between all involved parties throughout the school year. Responsibilities of a Class Parent include:

  • Sending out emails from the PA to your class to inform them of parties, dues reminders, events, volunteer opportunities, Christmas Fund collection, etc.
  • Organizing class events and get-togethers amongst children and parents, to build and enhance a sense of community. Class parents will have access to their class directories to make this task easier.
  • Regularly attend PA monthly meetings and email parents of any updates and/or news.
  • Working with their teachers to get out any communication and coordination they may need in the class.

Class Parent need not be the responsibility of one parent. The duties can be split naturally if two or more parents would like to be Class Parent. 

Please fill in the form below, or email the PA Secretary at soteria@brandsky.com to coordinate your involvement in this role. 

Thank you for your support!

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