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TCS Through the Years

The Cathedral School celebrates its 75th anniversary next year! A strong leader of excellence in education, focusing on a classical education to prepare students for high school and beyond, The Cathedral School integrates the ideals of Hellenism, its philosophy, history, and culture to create an outstanding curriculum and education model. With a focus on inquiry-based learning, students learn reasoning and problem-solving skills that not only challenge their abilities as students but also as thinkers.

Established to serve families in New York City who wanted to instill an appreciation of Hellenic language, culture, and history in their children, today, the school serves an international student population from a wide spectrum of countries and heritages. Energy and excitement fill the air every morning at The Cathedral School. Students might be dressed entirely in orange to celebrate school spirit, or they may be singing in three-part harmony preparing for one of the many concerts throughout the year. Regardless of what is happening, the educational foundation built at The Cathedral School for 70 years is vibrant and strong. It is a 70-year history and a legacy that inspires and challenges us at The Cathedral School every day.