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NEW! Pasta Friday Sign Up

Every Friday beginning September 21, and ending June 7, the PA will also offer pasta for lunch from Bigoi Venezia. If you would like your child to receive pasta on Fridays please fill out the information on this sheet and return it with your payment. Please note that PA Members receive a significantly discounted price!

We are offering a free trial for kids on Friday, September 14th to any family that signs up by September 11th on our website. Pasta Friday will only run if we have a minimum of 20 students participating.

Al Pomodoro: Protein-rich durum wheat bigoi pasta, tomatoes, onions & grana padano cheese, meat-free. Pasta and sauces are made fresh daily at Bigoi Venezia.

 1 Serving (per child)  PA Member: $228  Non-PA Member: $288

 2 Servings (per child)  PA Member: $445  Non-PA Member: $555

  1 Serving + Juice (per child)  PA Member: $243  Non-PA Member: $308

  2 Servings + Juice (per child)  PA Member: $460  Non-PA Member: $575

Contact Information

Checks should be made payable to The Cathedral School PA and returned to the PA mailbox outside the school office at the Cathedral School.