Classroom Structure 


  • Every classroom will be designed to maximize space and distance between each student. Classroom furniture will be rearranged to provide additional space. The Head of School will preview and approve classroom designs prior to the start of school, and throughout the school year, as adjustments are required.  
  • Classrooms will be supplied with tissues and disinfection wipes for frequent disinfection of high-touch areas such as keyboards, tables, and other areas within the classroom. Faculty and staff will be directed to utilize disinfectant wipes for high-touch areas on a frequent basis.
  • Students will be encouraged to take hand-washing breaks throughout the day, in addition to washing hands before and after eating, as well as before sharing materials. Hand soap and paper towels will be provided at every sink. Hand sanitizer will be in each classroom. 
  • Teachers will minimize the use of shared items in the classroom, including learning tools, pencils and other items shared in a group setting. If any group activities occur, students shall wear masks. In all instructional models, students will be provided materials to avoid sharing of items. The Head of School will determine the most optimal procedures that minimize the spread of the virus including minimal transitions and consistent grouping whenever possible. This includes all classroom settings, teacher directed PE, specials, and special education services locations when possible and appropriate. 
  • Faculty and staff will train students to limit the sharing of objects, such as laptops, notebooks, touchscreen devices, writing utensils, musical instruments and toys, as well as touching the shared surfaces, such as conference tables.
  • The Head of School will need to establish a way to inventory shared items for each curriculum and see how additional items can be ordered. If additional items are not readily available to the school, consultation with the Head of School will be required. School supply lists will need to be reviewed by the school leadership team to avoid hardships on families.  
  • Teachers will increase the use of digital instruction where possible to limit the spread of germs in classroom areas. 
  • The Head of School will create site-based procedures for community restrooms and confined spaces to allow for social distancing and proper hand washing. Signage will be utilized to ensure procedures are listed in these areas. School-based staff will teach and implement these procedures for these areas.