PA Mission

The Cathedral School Parents Association
The mission of the Cathedral School Parents Association is to facilitate and foster extraordinary educational opportunities for each student, offer a comprehensive selection of enrichment activities for the entire student body, and serve as a resource for all Cathedral School families.

Our Parents Association statement of purpose is as follows:

§  Promote a strong sense of community at The Cathedral School.

§  Organize initiatives that will improve the overall experience of students and parents at the school.

§  Support the school’s programs with fundraising activities.

§  Represent the views of the parents to the school.

§  Provide a forum for the exchange of information among parents to address issues and concerns.


Our success depends on our ongoing, positive working relationship with the faculty and administration as well as the generous dedication of time and resources on the part of our families. Parent contributions and involvement enable us to reinforce the academic curriculum, enhance the teaching and learning environment, and stimulate school spirit and student goodwill through our events and extracurriculars.


As we continue on with this successful school year, we look forward to your continued commitment to maintaining our cherished school community and nourishing the parent-school partnership.