2018-2019 Giving Campaign

On March 11, 2019, supporters of The Cathedral School came together for Giving Day and collectively raised $28,317.10 from 101 gifts for our beloved school. We thank you for your continued love and support. 
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Meet the Pritchard family, Mother, Lilly Gerontis ‘85,
and daughters in the classes of 2018 and 2020
The Cathedral School holds the honor of educating legacy parent Lilly Gerontis (Class of 1985) and both of her daughters (Classes of 2018 and 2020). She says, “school for me was an incredible place where I learned while surrounded by very loving and caring teachers. We sent our two daughters to Cathedral from nursery and they too were received with warmth and kindness throughout their time at Cathedral… There is an interaction between the teachers and the students that occurs here at Cathedral which fosters the greatest aspects of a Hellenic education: curiosity and an appreciation for something beyond one's self.”

Ms. Sofia Askordalakis, Prekindergarten 4s Assistant Teacher

Ms. Sofia has been a part of our preschool program for over 10 years. Not only is she a dedicated teacher but every year she brings The Cat in the Hat into the classroom and brings Dr. Seuss stories to life. “Watching our students from preschool through eighth grade and seeing their potential come to life,” she says, “is truly remarkable.” #GivingDay #TCSProud
Veronica Blau, Class of 2013
Veronica Blau graduated from The Cathedral School in 2013 after beginning in our preschool program at the age of 3. She is currently an economics major at The University of Chicago and credits her time at The Cathedral School as the foundation of her education, a place where she found academic rigor and personal confidence. “[TCS] gave me the foundation and support I needed to grow – both intellectually and emotionally – and thrive in new, unfamiliar environments like high school and now college. Cathedral showed me that hard work and diligence are the basis for being a good student and pave the way for future success in all endeavors.”
Mr. Bryan Bishop, Middle School History Teacher
Mr. Bishop engages TCS middle school students with an exciting and dynamic history program. As Mr. Bishop tell us, "Cathedral creates a unique educational and social environment for our students that inspires my teaching. Our community ethos of excellence in education allows me to challenge students beyond our classrooms and to encourage them to critically examine the world around us." Students graduate with an appreciation for history as well as an understanding of modern events through a global lens.
The Troncale Family, Classes of 2017 and 2019
Harriet and Michael Troncale have trusted The Cathedral School to educate both of their children: their son in eighth grade and their daughter a proud alumna. "We support the Cathedral School because it has been a second home to our family for 13 years. From the dedicated teachers, our children have received a superior education and were accepted to some of the best high schools in New York City. Most importantly the nurturing environment creates leaders in the classroom that practice compassion, respect, empathy and integrity."
Mr. Robert Genovese, Visual Arts Teacher
Mr. Rob teaches visual arts beginning with our preschool program and through to our middle school students. His passion, care, and expertise shine in the classroom as he helps to bring our students' vision and process to a final creation. “It’s not just about how much the teachers care, it’s also about how important the process is,” he says. “The students’ hard work, creativity and energy give purpose to our creations.” Mr. Rob guides students and empowers them to believe in their imaginations and to trust in their abilities.
His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston, Class of 1960
His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston, a graduate of the Class of 1960, leads the faithful of the Metropolis of Boston, which spreads through New England from central Connecticut to Maine. In addition to nurturing clergy to serve communities of Orthodox faithful, he founded the Philoksenia House, a home for families to stay for free when in Boston for medical procedures, and expanded the camping program that serves hundreds of youth during camp sessions throughout the year. “Without question,” he says, “the Cathedral School left an indelible mark upon my life. It was during those years that I was ‘called’ to the priesthood. I was nurtured and mentored in the faith by my wonderful teachers.”
Cathedral School Student Ambassadors, Sixth - Eighth Graders
The Student Ambassador Program consists of sixth through eighth grade students interested in leadership opportunities at The Cathedral School. They work together showcasing to others what makes The Cathedral School so special. “The Student Ambassador program teaches us how to interact and engage with others,” said one Ambassador. “It’s fun to show people our school and share what we do during the school day. We work with students in other grades and we discuss what makes a leader.”

Clark & Fauzia “Abby” Copelin, Cathedral School Parents
The Cathedral School is home to the Copelin boys, a second grader and a preschooler, and our teachers are proud of the opportunity to educate them everyday. “The Cathedral School had the exact balance of small size, rigor and community that we were looking for in a school,” they say. “We felt welcomed and cared for from the moment we walked through the doors.”
Arbnora Dilja, Prekindergarten 3s Assistant Teacher
Ms. Nora teaches Prek 3 and has been part of The Cathedral School preschool program for 11 years. Ms. Nora instills a sense of independence and confidence in our youngest learners that sustains them not just during their time at TCS, but through high school and beyond, too. "For me," she says, "The Cathedral School feels like a family. I have been blessed with amazing support from my colleagues, the administration and our families. Wherever life takes me, The Cathedral School will always be a part of who I am."
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