Why The Cathedral School?

Our diverse student population reflects our view of Hellenism as an inclusive and universal model that, linked to a modern education, produces inquisitive, creative and academically strong graduates.

Our school size and exceptional student-teacher ratio create a warm community in which each student receives the individual attention needed to help them thrive.

A rigorous academic high school preparatory curriculum that encourages each child to achieve excellence in body, mind and spirit.

Daily Greek language classes beginning in preschool, and Latin and Ancient Greek classes in middle school produce students with better cognitive and verbal skills.

We are conveniently located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, near major subway and bus lines.

Frequent trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as The New York Tenement Museum, The Bronx Zoo, The Museum of Natural History, National Museum of the American Indian, The Jewish Museum, and The Morgan Library, complement the curriculum and provide a deeper understanding of world history, religion, culture and the arts.

Parent Testimonials

“My children will leave the Cathedral School not just confident students, but confident human beings.”

“Cathedral is a great blend of strong academic focus, a nurturing environment and important social values.”

“Great teachers, small classes, and exmissions to the best high schools and private schools in NYC.”

“Cathedral has strong community spirit, hellenic values and pursues excellence in educating children.”

“Cathedral provides an intimate setting where all students are a priority, and close involvement from families.”

“The strong sense of community and nurturing environment are core elements of the Cathedral School.”

“Cathedral provides excellent academic preparation where students advance with confidence into some of the best schools in New York City.”

“What I find most impressive about Cathedral are the exceptional teachers, high quality education, and impressive exmissions.”

“The amazing teachers at Cathedral make this school a truly special place.”

“The small class size and nurturing atmosphere creates a second home for students at Cathedral.”

“Students thrive at Cathedral because of the individual attention each teacher provides.”

“At Cathedral, the sense of community is very strong among students, teachers and administrators.”

“I could not imagine a better school environment for my children. The combination of great teachers and small class size ensures that my children are receiving the individualized attention they need to develop their academic and social skills to their full potential.”