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Mission and Heritage

Founded in 1949 by The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, The Cathedral School was at first established to serve families in New York City who wanted to instill an appreciation of Hellenic language, culture, and history in their children. Today, the school serves an international student population from a wide spectrum of countries and heritages. The sheer existence of such a diverse student population at The Cathedral School reflects our view of Hellenism as an inclusive and even universal model that, linked to a modern education, produces inquisitive, creative, and academically strong graduates.

The Cathedral School is unique among nonprofit, co-educational independent schools in New York City in that it integrates the most up-to-date educational methods in its curriculum and pedagogical approach while adhering to the ancient Greek tradition of paideia, which views education as character formation, responsibility, and the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. The academic program is rigorous, the setting is nurturing. Committed since 1949 to its mission of fostering the natural curiosity, intelligence and creativity of children through excellence in education, The Cathedral School is a nursery through eighth-grade school featuring small classes that encourage active student participation. Our school’s size and exceptional student-teacher ratio create a warm community in which each student receives the individual attention needed to help them thrive.